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More about CE-Marking

Kedge is the first manufacturer in the Netherlands that is allowed to apply CE marking to its anchor points.

More about CE-Marking

Kedge is the first manufacturer in the Netherlands that is allowed to apply CE marking to its anchor points.


Kedge is introducing a fully revised bonded anchor point on the market. This anchor point is approved under the EU Construction Products Regulation in the EU Member States and therefore obviously also in the UK. With the associated CE marking, Kedge declares that the anchor point meets the strict safety requirements of the European Union.

The Kedge fall protection anchor point is easy to install without attaching it into the roof construction. The big advantage of this installation method is that the waterproofness of the roofing material remains guaranteed. There are other additional advantages, including an easy, fast and cheap installation. The use of Kedge anchor points improves safety levels when working on flat roofs.

Fall protection with CE marking without perforating the waterproof layer of the roofing material.

Kedge started a revolution over a decade ago. Now the time has come for Kedge to apply CE marking to its anchor point as the first manufacturer in the Netherlands. Until recently, CE marking was not possible because there was no harmonised standard for anchor points for fall protection that are permanently attached to a building. Following its revision in 2012, EN795 – which had been used in the past – only applies to anchor points that can be removed and are therefore not permanently attached to the building.

Kedge successfully completed the intensive process towards this CE marking. All practical aspects obviously had to be tested as well. To assess the product’s suitability under European conditions of use, tests were performed at extremely high and low temperatures. To create the high temperatures, the sun was simulated by means of an enormous lighting structure. The low temperatures were simulated in a deep-freeze unit. To investigate the suitability of the Kedge anchor point after ageing, test samples were artificially aged in an “oven” specifically designed for this process.

The revised Kedge anchor point meets the essential requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Kedge’s European Technical Assessment (ETA) was drawn up by UBAtc, a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) appointed by the European Union that draws up technical assessments for construction products.

The basis for UBAtc’s assessment is a specially prepared European Assessment Document (EAD). This EAD has been approved by the European Commission and the EU Member States, and therefore complies with the EU Construction Products Regulation. The supervision of the many tests was provided by Kiwa BDA Testing.

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