Kedge Anchor Point

Kedge Anchor Points for personal fall protection can be very quickly and easily installed on existing roofing material. Installing them is not difficult, especially not for experienced roofers. No holes have to be drilled in the roofing material and insulating layer. This makes the Kedge Anchor Point the perfect solution for fall protection on flat roofs.

Why the Kedge Anchor Point?

Attaching a Kedge Anchor Point is fast and simple. A rosette of roofing material is clamped in the anchor point. A torch or heat gun is used to attach the rosette to the roof surface. This creates a safe connection to the underlying roofing material.

The rosette of roofing material comes with an extremely strong polyester inlay. When the Kedge Anchor Point is subjected to a load, the energy released dissipates via the roofing material present around it. This optimises the way in which the flexibility, strength and mass of the roofing material are used.

Includes CE marking

The Kedge Anchor Point Bitumen is the first anchor point for flat roofs that comes with a CE marking in accordance with the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD). This is the EU Directive for anchor points that are permanently attached to a building.

Revolution in fall protection

The Kedge Anchor Point is a revolution in the world of fall protection for flat roofs. In contrast to traditional anchor points, Kedge Anchor Points are not mechanically fastened to the roof construction, but bonded to the roofing material.

The advantage of bonding anchor points is that no holes have to be drilled in the roofing material and insulating layer. By using a Kedge Anchor Point, the roof construction remains fully intact, and leaks and thermal bridges are prevented. Moreover, what’s going on underneath the roof does not have to be considered. Daily activities can be continued without interruption. This is a major advantage, especially for roofs of buildings such as hospitals, cold stores or data centres.