Honest. Simple. Safe.

A roofer, installer or anyone else who works on flat roofs must be able to rely fully on their personal protective equipment. Kedge makes it possible to work safely at height. Our anchor points meet the strictest safety requirements and are tested under extreme conditions.

Can be installed very quickly and easily

Does not cause leaks or thermal bridges

Roofing material is not perforated

Revolution in fall protection for flat roofs

When using fall protection, we recommend always setting the length of the lifeline to ensure that the roofer or installer can never fall over the roof edge. Working according to the method for area limitation is always the safest way of working on a flat roof. The Kedge Anchor Point Bitumen is the first anchor point for flat roofs that comes with a CE marking in accordance with the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD). This is the EU Directive for anchor points that are permanently attached to a building.

Safety through innovation

When working on a roof, there is always a risk of falling. With innovative products for fall protection, Kedge turns every flat roof into a safe workplace. Our fall protection systems can be installed quickly and easily. Kedge is the first anchor point that is bonded to the roofing material; the roof is guaranteed to remain waterproof.