Working safely on a flat roof has the highest priority. In order to access the roof safely as well, Kedge has developed the Ladder Anchor Point. For relatively low roof surfaces, a ladder combined with the Kedge Ladder Anchor Point can be used to access the roof safely. The ladder anchor point is mounted to the external wall. Forewarned is forearmed. Kedge Safety Signs warn people of hazardous situations on the roof.

Gravel sealing ring

For gravel-ballasted roofs, a gravel sealing ring has been developed. Placing the ring around the Kedge Anchor Point ensures that it remains readily accessible. The red-coloured ring is highly visible in the gravel and also marks the safe zone.

Kedge safety signs

Kedge stainless-steel warning signs are made of durable stainless steel and warn people of a falling, tripping or fragile roof hazard. The perforated base makes the signs easy to attach to the roofing material with suitable sealant.

Safe roof access

A ladder anchor point on an external wall is usually very noticeable. During the development of the Kedge Ladder Anchor Point, we therefore opted for a stylish design made of high-quality stainless steel (Lux Ladder Anchor Point) or aluminium.
  • Multiple attachment in four points;
  • Almost all ladders, including extendible ones, can be attached;
  • Rounded corners prevent people from getting caught;
  • Good distribution of forces through round support tube at any angle;
  • No damage to external wall or roof edge due to support tube;
  • Durable and vandal-proof;
  • Integrated eyes to secure the ladder.

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