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Kedge: revolution in fall protection

The Kedge is a revolutionary new anchorpoint for flat roofs, designed to protect the person working on the roof from falling. The user fastens himself to the Kedge anchorage point using a harness and lanyard.

Fastening without drilling into the roofing material
Unlike traditional anchorage points, the Kedge is not fastened mechanically to the roof construction. Instead, it is bonded to the underlying roofing material without actually piercing the roof covering, insulation and vapour control layer. The result is an innovative and practical approach to fall protection. The Kedge anchorage point is a Dutch invention patented throughout the world.

Reliable and durable seal
The Kedge consists of a solidly and cleverly designed anchorage point that grips on to a rosette of roofing material. This rosette is fixed to the surface of the roof by a roofer certified by Kedge Safety Systems using a blow torch or hot-air gun. This creates a reliable, durable and watertight seal between the anchorage point and the underlying roofing material. The Kedge anchorage point has been tested extensively on various roof covering systems.

Roof constructions
Kedge anchorage points can be installed on flat roofs with an angle of inclination of up to 15 degrees. It does not really matter what material the supporting framework is made of, be it timber, steel, concrete or different brick-like materials. The Kedge comes in different types specially designed for bituminous roofing material and various PVC roof coverings.

Gravel sealing ring for ballasted roofs
A special gravel sealing ring has been developed for ballasted bituminous roofs. This ring has been manufactured in a clearly visible colour and designed to keep the gravel off the Kedge.

The unique qualities of the Kedge solution

  • Low investment per installed product, partly thanks to quick and easy assembly.
  • No piercing of roofing material or roof construction for fastening purposes: no risk of leaks, no infringement of current warranties.
  • No complex fastenings in the roof construction: ideal for the application on concrete hollow-core slab systems, prestressed floors (possibly with pipework in concrete floor) and construction with ever-thicker layers of insulation.
  • No piercing of entire roof construction for fastening purposes: no dirt penetrating inside the building and no visually offensive elements.
  • No (metal) joint: no thermal bridges.
  • No noise pollution during installation as is the case with drilling work, for example.
  • Durable due to the use of high-grade stainless steel and reinforced bituminous rosette.
  • Strong and simple design: ‘vandalism-proof’.
  • Low construction height, nice and visually aesthetic design.

Kedge Safety Systems
Stephensonweg 2
P.O. Box 850
The Netherlands
T: +31 183 64 37 50
F: +31 183 64 37 59

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